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What are Cloud Desktops and Workspaces? Cloud Desktop and Workspace Brochure

We regularly work with diverse teams and groups, both within and outside of companies. We understand the need for tight collaboration tools, so we build tailored solutions that address the specific needs of the team.

Our custom solutions offer numerous advantages over other forms of desktop computing in terms of cost-savings, security, resiliency, flexibility and reduced management. They are built to your specifications, and can be created from combinations of the following:


Virtual Applications: Individual applications on your local desktop or in a Virtual Workspace environment. Line-of-Business apps and Microsoft Office create the ideal accounting platform for individual users.

Virtual Desktops: Turn-key solution delivering secure remote access to the applications and information you need. Virtual Desktops meet the most common business needs of companies, including flexible storage, a familiar Windows desktop experience, Microsoft Office and Line-of-Business appplications.

Virtual Workspaces: Virtual Workspaces are built on the features and tools of Virtual Applications and Virtual Desktops - they include information and applications connected from any source, including internal, hosted and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems, and are capable of running from disparate platforms. The Workspaces include industry-specific software that is customized to the needs of your industry vertical.


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Virtual Applications, Desktops and Workspaces let your business:

  1. Provide users with secure and controlled access to business-critical data while supporting your firm's authorization and compliance standards.
  2. Allow Remote users to securely gain access to internal web, external web, and SaaS resources in one secure web portal with secured strong authentication.
  3. Access secure, native application experiences for mobile mail, web browsing, notes, and more on phones and tablets without requiring a full VPN client.

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