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  • Cloud Readiness

    When you decide to move to the Cloud, you want a clear, repeatable plan that guarantees a smooth process. At L5 Cloud , we developed our comprehensive onboarding process which guarantees a smooth and complete transtion for your business.

Customizable process questionaires
Network information scanning
Integrated information database
Decision-enabling reports
  • Cloud Transition

    Using the readiness information which has been collected, we develop a clear plan for transitioning to Cloud. This ensures that your business activities continue to be performed throughout the transition process.

Integrated project management
Project delivery reporting
Delivery milestones
Staged implementation

  • Managed Support

    After your Cloud environment has been provisioned and is running, L5 Cloud can manage the environment for you or provide top-tier support along with your own team. We provide all of the following additional services:

Managed Active Directory
8x5 or 24x7 Support
Remote Hands for hypervisor-level access
Direct access to virtual servers

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